Adwalkers are a concept brought to Pune by MoneyWise Marketing. Adwalkers are basically billboards that are carried by people on their back. The best part about Adwalkers is that they can walk into the narrowest or the busiest streets of a city and advertise as they walk. Adwalkers can advertise in places where putting up large billboards is difficult. Recently, the concept of Adwalkers has started gaining popularity and creating hype ion the market. They are attractive during the promotions in the late evening or night. They are lit up thus creating awareness and the required buzz. Moreover, Adwalkers can give out brochures and pamphlets directly to your target audience as they walk around the city advertising about your brand. Distribution of pamphlets further adds to the advantage of creating more awareness.

Advert Designing

Today cities are busy and filled with adverts. You would see advertisements in every nook and corner of the city, be it a newspaper, a towering billboard or the internet.

MoneyWise Marketing possess a creative and passionate team of designers that carefully design adverts for your company according to your favored medium of advertising. We design and create advertisements that suit the requirements of your company. Whether it is on the internet, television or hoardings. We get the best of accessible media space for advertising. We provide all these services at reasonable rates and help you create the needed buzz and awareness about your company.

Balloon Ads

Balloon adverts are a distinctive idea in advertising that creates excitement in the audience and thus hold their attention. This unique concept of balloon advertising is used in other metropolitan cities and we are one of the very few companies in Pune who use it as one of the methods of advertising. The advantage is that they go upto 80ft. high up in air and they stand out within a distance of 8-10km.

MoneyWise Marketing provides you with the professional management and operations, in support of balloon ads in various sizes thus making it gigantic, colorful, living and striking maximizing your marketing efforts. This is also a very budget friendly method of advertising as it entails a one-time cost.

Brochures & Pamphlets

There are various competitors out there in the market for any business and thus it is important to give the consumers a reason to choose your business.

Pamphlets and Brochures are an easy and an effective tool which are not only compact in size but hold all the necessary information about a company. This is a very convenient way of marketing because it can be distributed to your target audience directly. MoneyWise Marketing provides you with all the services related to brochures and pamphlets. We help you with the brochure designs and printing. Furthermore, our creative department brings you with the best brochures and pamphlets ideas. After designing the brochure as per your need we help you distribute these pamphlets and brochures as per your target areas and targeting your audience.

Brochures and Pamphlets are not just budget friendly and according to the client’s requirements but also a very efficient way of creating awareness about your brand.


Almost every individual at some point in their life has watched a movie at the cinema hall. We all know that once we enter the auditorium; we are constantly paying attention to the screen. MoneyWise Marketing can help you present an advert on the big screen. Cinema advertisement has recently established itself as one of the effective mediums of advertising. A local advert will be watched by the audience without any distraction and thus help you increase the awareness about your business. This is the distinctive benefit of cinema advertisement. Cinema ads are often very easy to remember as the audience is concentrating on the screen. It is easier to get across the message to the target audience. Moreover, we have a total of 42+ screens in Pune through which we advertise for your company. We also design and customize the seat covers at the cinema and put up the billboards for advertising at the movie theatre. The cinema is an amazing medium of advertising because it can deliver the message to the audience on a large scale.


Hoardings and billboards are a very good medium of promoting your company since they let you reach the audience on a large scale. Hoarding advertising is the most preferred outdoor advertising today. A hoarding or a billboard is normally stationed along busy roads and areas with a lot of traffic, this helps the pedestrians and the passersby notice your company. Moneywise Marketing can help you promote your company on billboards. Our advertising agency can also design the hoardings and billboards in accordance to your target audience and suggest the best possible locations to advertise your company even at the prime areas of the city.

Logo Designing

Logos are a creation that gives a company its identity. They play an important role for the customer to recognize a company. A Logo in a way acts like a subliminal message to the consumer. A logo is a work of art which requires creativity and thoughtful thinking. The creativity team at MoneyWise Marketing puts all the information together and creates a logo concept. After going through all the needed information about the services and products of your company, only then we proceed to the designing. We design and create logos for your company and make sure they stand out to make your firm independently known. Besides services like logo design, logo concept we also assist you with logo redesigning.


An early morning read of a newspaper is a ritual that is practiced by most of the citizens worldwide. Advertisements that appear in the local newspaper, gives a company a fantastic opportunity to reach out to the audience in their locality. Newspapers are distributed in different languages and different regions; it has been the first impactful method of advertising in commercial media. Newspaper readers are in millions in India therefore the advertisement is sure to be read by the desired target audience. Newspaper advertisement gives the readers the option to read the advert at their own pace and convenience, hence it plays a crucial role for marketing your corporation. MoneyWise Marketing helps you with producing and placing of your advert in the local or national newspaper. Newspaper adverts can appear on different journals of blue print and in different sections of a newspaper. With the help of media planning we help position your advert in the right section of the newspaper that will easily spread your message to the target audience.


Magazines are another successful print medium for advertising. Today there are magazines available for every type of interest of the audience, be it about cars, interior designing, fitness or cinema. Magazines are a crucial part of creating awareness for your brand at a large scale. Magazines are publishedins different regional languages. It makes it easier to create awareness about your corporation either locally or nationally. MoneyWise Marketing can help you advertise your company through different magazines according to your target group.

Radio Advertising

Radio has been one of the first platforms to have introduced commercial advertising. Radio ads are a very effective mediumbecause; the Radio is not just selective to a particular age group. This makes it an important medium for marketing your company. The radio is a very successful advertising source because almost every citizen listens to it. This makes it easier to reach your target audience to a large extent through the radio. MoneyWise Marketing provides your company not just with the radio advertisements, we also customize exclusive campaigns and make special and catchy jingles. We advertise at all the prime and leading Radio stations in the city at reasonable costs.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines have become a vital and a massive part of the internet world. They play an important role, whether it comes to finding a restaurant in your town or finding a childhood friend who you no longer keep in contact with. Popular search engines make it easier for us to acquire the necessary information by typing in the required keywords in the search option. Organizations have realized the importance of these search engines. An official website is one of the tools for generating business for every company. MoneyWise Marketing can help you manage and keep a regular check on your online presence. This in turn increases the overall virtual presence of your company. This will prove beneficial for your company by appearing on the frontier pages of the search engines; hence SEO plays a crucial role in developing awareness for your company.

Social Media Marketing

Today, everyone has realized the power that social media holds, within a matter of clicks a particular song/video or an article can go viral and can be shared by millions. Most of the corporations have realized this and make use of social media to market themselves. MoneyWise Marketing manages the Social Media for your company and helps create awareness about your organization. There are various social media platforms that are used for marketing purpose and this increases the importance of Social Media. A few of these popular social media sites that we manage for your company include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin. We manage all the social media platforms for you under one roof. We have an expert team of content writers, designers and social media planners that design and execute innovative campaigns that will help reach your target audience. Social media advertising holds an enormous scope for marketing and hence we provide digital media marketing.

Transit Ads

Transit ads are advertisements that are placed onto heavy vehicles, like public transport buses, auto-rickshaws etc. Bus advertisements, auto rickshaw advertisements are possible to be viewed by a large scale of people. These ads are always moving within the city and this makes it possible to reach out to everyone, irrespective of their age group, cultural backgrounds and incomes. Here at MoneyWise Marketing, we make sure the adverts are prominent enough to the target audience, whether they are families or professionals because transit ads serve as ‘Moving Billboards’, hence transit advertisements are an important method of marketing.

TV Advertising

Television has always been an impactful medium of advertising. There are a number of leading television channels today that screen a variety of different programs. Television advertising is basically how you advertise the products and services of your company through the television amidst the viewer’s favorite programs. Television advertising has a great impact on your company as today, almost every household owns a TV. Since television is watched by many, it targets the audience on a large scale therefore the impact is huge.

MoneyWise Marketing can help you market your company through the television ads either on cable TV, local TV channels or National TV channels. We help you design advertisements that are witty, thoughtful and straight to the point. In the limited span time of the ad, we can design and deliver successful campaigns to the viewers.

Website Designing

A website is usually known as, “The face of the company”. Today, in the 21st century almost every individual is familiar with the internet world. Half the world is accessible through online interactions. A website will only make it more convenient for your organization to generate more awareness and business. A website should not only be well created and business oriented but also user friendly, which is the most vital function of a well made website.

We at MoneyWise Marketing have a special creative team that helps your company get a well-designed website which is also equally easy to access andthus give you the perfect balance. We also help your redesign your website. This helps you be a successful part of massive internet work. In addition to all these services we also provide our clients with Ecommerce website design and development.

Online Advertising: Rich Media Ads &Interstitial Ads

Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web to deliver marketing messages to attract customers. The feature that makes online advertising so successful is that, an individual can access any public information at any given time, irrespective of the time difference of different nations. Examples of online advertising include contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads, blogs, rich media Ads, social network advertising, interstitial ads, online classified advertising, advertising networks and e-mail marketing, including e-mail spam. Many of these types of ads are delivered by an ad server.

Online advertising is appealing to some advertisers because they have their perks. The company only incurs the cost of PPC. This type of strategy can make advertising very cost effective.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a commercial message to a group of people using email. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, solicit sales or donations and is meant to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness. Email messages are sent with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of an organization withits current, previous and future customers to encourage customer loyalty,repeat and grow business. Email marketing campaigns have long validity. Emails are an effective way of marketing because they can be sent directly to the desired audience. The emails are segregated by MoneyWise Marketing as per the audience required to be targeted.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing consist of marketing through mobile phones. SMS stands for short message server, otherwise known as text messaging. In short, SMS marketing is done using a mobile device to transfer marketing communication to interested consumers. The statistics say that 70% of the world’s population now owns a mobile handset; therefore it doesn’t come by surprise that it is gaining popularity and helping businesses to grow on a large scale.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) plays an important role to generate business leads for business communities. PPC defines your online business success by displaying the link of your website on the Google frontier pages, these adverts are paid and they are known as Google Adwords. These Adwords help your business by attracting a number of customers. They are beneficial to your business in more than one way. They get more customers for your business by advertising to the people searching online and thus reach people actively who are looking for information about your products and services online. They are very budget friendly because you pay only when a customer clicks on your advert.